Reconstructive Surgery after a Mastectomy - Spain - Madrid, Marbella, Seville, HuelvaReconstructive surgery of the breasts after breast cancer or another disease is currently one of the most successful surgical procedures. New techniques and surgical devices have made it possible that plastic surgeons reconstruct the breasts so that they have normal shape and appearance.

Occasionally, reconstructive surgeries of the breasts are performed immediately after the removal of the breast (mastectomy), in such a way that the patients awaken from anaesthesia with the breasts already reconstructed, without receiving the impact and the bad experience of being without them. However, performing a mammoplasty after a mastectomy is not a simple procedure, nor can it be performed in all cases. There are several options that should be taken into consideration, such as selecting the best procedure for each case.

Reconstructive Surgery after a Mastectomy Guide in .pdf format

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